The ABC’s of Social Media

The ABC’s of Social Media are the critical building blocks upon which to develop our social media campaigns.  These building blocks, which are essential if we are to develop brilliant content, in my opinion are, “Audience,” “Branding,” and “Content”.

ABC blocks

Audience – Audience is critical. We often refer to “content is king”, but quality and size of the audience has the capacity to determine the impact of the campaign.

Think about it. If a tree falls in the forest and no one was there to hear it, then it didn’t make any noise, in fact. Similarly, it is about quality not quantity.  When you have a large audience of qualified viewers and readers, then you have the potential to make a significant impact.

I believe audience potentially can be an even greater factor than content quality itself. If you don’t have good content you’re not going far anyway.
Branding — Branding is the activity where we connect a direct mention of the name and image of our product, service, or idea mentioned, placed into our content mix, and out to our consuming audience.

Remember, in PR it is critical that we get the name of our client and the brand were representing out to our listeners and viewers. Because it’s essential our viewers and listeners know the think of the company, images and products, etc.

I remember cases where some of the largest clients refused to pay for messages and articles that did not have a branded message. It was their priority. We can develop great and creative content but if it does not brand the product or provide a branded message, we have not accomplished much!

Content — Content is critical. “Content is king”. We’ve heard it all before, and it’s true. We see some great content out there, but some of it’s not the greatest. Also, so much of it is just borrowed; links are passed on, and on!

If you want great content, write something interesting and novel about yourself, or about your business, if you’re a business owner or manager.  Get an editor if you need one. Or, get a staff person who can write to generate content or hire a writer or PR professional.   The same applies when you hire artists, graphics artists,  photographers or videographers, etc.  and they develop creative content that get noticed!

When you develop high quality,  branded  content you increase your chances of successfully reaching out to customers, clients and prospects. You will develop a reputation of producing quality content, which will help increase your audience.  A very large, very qualified client or prospect list as your audience is the best of all worlds.

That’s the ABC’s of Social Media! Please share your comments, or contact me and we can discuss.

ABC blocks


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